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Pioneers in market development for medical technology.

As the pioneers of many breakthrough methods and frameworks, Dymedex provides data-driven market analysis to accelerate adoption and maximize growth for medical device and life sciences companies. Dymedex offers insights through global strategic market assessments, tactical geography planning, and market landscape analysis.

A practice within Navigant Consulting, LLC (NYSE: NCI), Dymedex helps companies reach their full market potential by helping them:

  • Identify and avoid market adoption pitfalls
  • Attract and secure new investment
  • Ensure early and sustained market success
  • Set and deliver credible growth expectations
  • Accelerate short- and long-term growth
  • Build organizational alignment

The industry’s leading multinational and startup medical companies rely on Dymedex actively. Dymedex has led the development of over 100 customized medical technology market development plans in all major markets globally.

Using fully referenced, epidemiology-based market sizing, Dymedex synthesizes and integrates all perspectives, combining data, analysis, triangulation and logic to create a highly accurate and quantifiable disease model. In addition, Dymedex provides novel methods of assessing the true barriers to broad market adoption informed by the analysis of failed, niche, slow growing and wildly successful medical technologies.

As part of Navigant, Dymedex also provides clients with access to a full range of specialized, global professional services to help clients build, manage, and protect their businesses. With a focus on markets and clients facing transformational change and significant regulatory or legal pressures, Navigant primarily serves clients in the healthcare, energy, and financial services industries. More information can be found at




Our impact.

Dymedex studies the market from every conceivable angle with all available information and tools, so clients can bank on the results of our research and analysis. Dymedex integrates all views into a composite that reflects the realizable market potential as accurately as possible.

Following are just a few examples of how our data-driven insights have helped companies invest appropriately and plan:

  • One client team believed their technology was worth a few million dollars. Our scientific analysis demonstrated the value could be $1 billion.
  • One client team passed on a $125 million acquisition offer, then asked us to assess their full market potential. We broke the difficult news that it topped out at $20 million.
  • Another team believed they had a $200 million-plus business opportunity and a great story to tell. Our analysis proved the disease they were treating was a tiny fraction of a well-known condition, making it nearly impossible to show clinical significance.
  • Another one believed their disease prevalence was less than 2 million. Our analysis revealed how their 20-year-old references did not take into account the dynamics of the disease population, and its real prevalence was over 18 million.
  • Another believed their technology did not need clinical evidence. We helped them realize their technology facilitated an intervention that required evidence and currently had none, resulting in a new strategic priority.

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