Disease Dynamics Reports

Understand the Big Picture.

Disease Dynamics Reports are syndicated reports that offer the same deep, insightful analysis that has become the Dymedex trademark. Each report is a synthesis of hundreds of clinical papers and incorporates proven adoption models and Dymedex proprietary analysis to uncover the true disease incidence and prevalence. More importantly, Disease Dynamics Reports elucidate the forces that drive disease prevalence so that readers can answer the most important questions: what factors are impacting healthcare, how much, and why?

We are proud to announce the publication of our new Disease Dynamics Series. Newly published reports include “Hypertension and Resistant Hypertension:  Understanding the complex landscape and epidemiology of the disease”, based on data from over 125 peer-reviewed clinical papers and sources and closely examining the way hypertension develops, progresses, and is treated in the United States. We define and quantify the entire hypertension landscape, including diagnosed, undiagnosed, treated, controlled, white-coat and resolvable hypertension, and important comorbidities.

Also available for purchase as an addendum is the ‘Hypertension and Resistant Hypertension Global Data Table’, a complete index of hypertension and resistant hypertension rates for 179 countries and territories. This addendum completes the global picture of the hypertension landscape and illustrates trends of key importance to healthcare researchers and life science professionals.