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In Medtech, Sell Facts, Not Fiction

Blog Post: Managing Director, Ross Meisner, on “Facts not Fiction”

The Gut Guy: Risking real potential?

Blog Post: Associate Director, Michelle Edwards, on “the Gut Guy”

Medtech’s pain point: Does it bother you?

Blog Post: Managing Director, Ross Meisner, on “the bother frontier”

Acquisition News

Navigant acquires Dymedex Consulting

The Baby Boom Panacea?

White Paper: Why the aging population may not help your business at all

Reality v. Guesstimates in AF

Blog Post: Dymedex President, Joe Galatowitsch, on how guesstimates make for exciting quotes and tasty news tidbits, but rarely add up

Reducing Risk

Blog Post: Dymedex Partner, Ross Meisner, on why med-tech fails so often, even though we know so much

Why Companies Get Off Track

Blog Post: Dymedex President, Joe Galatowitsch, on why device companies get off track in understanding their market

Farming Not Hunting

Blog Post: Dymedex Partner, Ross Meisner, on why sowing your product’s oats requires confident perseverance

Population Dynamics

White Paper: A case for foundational understanding of macro-level disease dynamics

The Big Picture

White Paper: Why understanding a disease landscape requires critically evaluating and synthesizing a large body of clinical literature

Avoiding Hidden Pitfalls

Dymedex Seminar, MDMA 2013 Annual Meeting

Capturing the Early Majority

Market Abstract: Learn this vital fundamental for driving growth

The S-Shaped Adoption Curve

Market Abstract: Learn how to forecast your adoption dynamics

Three High Risk Assumptions

White Paper: Common market errors that will undermine your business

About Dymedex

Dymedex Brochure

Introduction brochure to Dymedex

Dymedex Overview

An overview of novel Dymedex concepts and methods

External Links

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI)

Interview with Dymedex President, Joe Galatowitsch

Medical Alley

The largest state-based life sciences trade association in the U.S.

Life Science Intelligence

Market intelligence for the medical technology industry

Medical Device Manufacturers Association

National trade association providing educational and advocacy assistance to medical technology companies