Corporate Integration

Market Development is a unique marketing discipline that focuses on understanding the realizable potential of an opportunity and then strategically applying resources to fully address the barriers to achieving that potential.

Classic Product Marketing:

Market Development:

Common language, common measures, systematic approach.

Market Development is frequently the primary source of growth for medical technology companies yet few agree on what it is or how it should be implemented and measured. Dymedex has pioneered many breakthrough methods and frameworks to help companies more effectively assess, plan and capture the revenue growth potential of a medical technology. Today, our proven approach is actively used and relied upon by large multi-national medical technology companies.

Dymedex has developed a highly refined and rigorous approach to market assessment, segmentation strategy and planning that we can transfer to your organization.

Dymedex has worked within large multi-national organizations to train, establish job classifications and functions, and build effective and impactful market development organizations. We have trained over 1,000 marketing professionals from all over the world in the science of medical market development.

Having a fact-based and strategically insightful view of your portfolio (at BU, regional and corporate levels) is central to being able to make the best possible decisions. Through our integrated approach to market development analysis and measurement we can deliver objective and valuable insights and perspectives.

Dymedex has developed and refined tools, methods, processes and frameworks that are designed enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of market development investments and resources.