Market Analysis

Dramatically increase revenue growth.

Every technology progresses though the classic “S-shaped” adoption curve. Dymedex utilizes proven methods to quantify the factors that define each technology’s unique curve and what it will take to “bend the curve” more aggressively. Dymedex pioneered the application of the scientific method to the analysis of markets for medical technologies. The novel tools we developed dramatically improve the understanding of the realizable opportunity and how to accelerate utilization in the healthcare system.

Revenue potential is a function of the incidence and prevalence of indicated patients, the business model and market dynamics. We give you important insight into the dynamic landscape of revenue by providing defendable and accurate assessments for each indication or segment over time – because that’s reality.

Fourteen structural factors directly enable broad adoption of all medical technologies. Addressing these factors enables access to the broader market and results in six to eight times higher adoption rates. Our scientific approach objectively evaluates new technologies to identify and prioritize specific barriers and determine the highest impact strategies and investments that will unlock the realizable annual revenue potential.

The Dymedex Constrained Dynamic Adoption (CDA) Model can help predict non-linearities in technology adoption by integrating the key factors of our analysis (i.e. size, segmentation, barriers to adoption, investments, indication and geography attractiveness, and physician behavior) into a single, accurate forecasting engine – so you can see the impact of key strategies and make better, more informed decisions.

Analysis is good, insight is better. We integrate all aspects of the analysis into a distillation of valuable market insights that you can rely on. Throughout our analysis there are many surprising and strategically important insights that emerge. Our clients tell us these insights are critical to on-going decisions and to the future success of the enterprise.