Strategic Consulting

Objective, data-driven decision-making.

We strive to add value at every level of your organization. We are anchored by our data-driven market analysis capabilities, focused exclusively on market development and the related skills and experiences necessary to support our clients at every level. Thus, we can provide new strategic insights to the board, and then shift seamlessly to help refine field execution in local geographies.

Dymedex developed and relies on a thorough and smooth process for facilitating, managing and orchestrating the strategic planning process. Our structured, data-driven approach maximizes objectivity, critical thinking and actionability. The result is a strategic plan with broad organizational alignment on high-level goals and strategies down to the specific allocation of resources and investments.

Is it better to expand geographically, add a new product capability, launch a new technology, or fund more clinical evidence? Dymedex can make sense of the hundreds of options you could do and help identify the highest priority investments to optimize your portfolio ROI in the short, medium and long-term.

Anybody can develop a marketing program; the challenge is in developing programs that sing. Dymedex designs and implements marketing and market development programs and tools that country-specific selling organizations can use. Let us help you target, design, create and implement a market development program that will achieve the results you need.